Saturday, January 31, 2009

Got Me A Cricut Expressions

HERE ALL ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Today my wonderful and I do mean wonderful, you guys my husband is just so good to me. Not just today but everyday, he is always telling me how special I am and always tells me he loves me, not just everyonce in a while all the time. I do believe that I am the luckiest woman in love. honey if you do read this I love you, you are my everything..mushmush OK here is the new news, I got me a CRICUT EXPRESSIONS TODAY, can you believe it!? Got 2 cartridges with it and bought 2, I know, what a lucky crafter, now I just got to figgure this thing out..kinda feels like I'll be cheating in papercrafting,but I know from what I've seen it just has so many possibilities to add to my papercrafting and hopefully will help me out, now my next big expense will be for me some really good markers, a few other much needed things. Hey, I work hard to..Ok so Im off to blog hop a while, off my peeps for the night, later my friends.God Bless

Happiness and buttons

Seems like buttons just make this card more cheerful, what do you think? on this card and its hard to see I used my scorepal at the bottom,I have played with it constantly since I got it, I'm working on the kids something for school, they have to have a personalized valentine box and the coolest one wins a small prize, so I'm experimenting, maybe I will have it done later this week for ya. But on to the card,its pretty simple, I layered my main image which is inkadinkado,using sage green and not sure about the orangeypink color, but its pretty, on the sentiment I used my glitter pen, and around the sentiment, I used twine to go through each hole which I made with my martha stewart hole punch and my scallop scissors, the buttons are from Micheals and were in my stash, I could not imagine any paper crafter without a button stash, anywho, the paper is from basic occasssions and colorbox, and the ribbon is from walmart as well..i hope you like the card and oh I can't believe I forgot it won't be long and I'll be gettin me some really good markers and a cricut expressions I just can't hardly wait..Thanks for stoppin by and God Bless

Thursday, January 29, 2009 this was the challenge I posted the last card for..
Well I finally got one to show ya sorry it took me so long, I so wanted to enter a couple of challenges and chickened out. But anyways, I did colors of pink,red,chocolate chip for one and the other was for some kind of stitching so I did faux stitching around the card base. This cardI used my alphabets small and large mixed it up and this is what I came up with I so hope you like it..God Bless and thanks for stopping by

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Not lost

No I haven't got lost, but I have been super busy. Its time to get things together for those hard earned incometax, even though I am a stay at home mom I feel as I to have earned every dollar, you know they stay its a known fact that if sahm's were payed, it would be well into the 6 digits/year , what do you think sahm's? Oh yes I have already got plans for some of my hard earned part, more stamps, lots more stamps, some inks, markers, oh and the Cricut Expressions have you guys seen this yet, just briefly got to look while I was at walmart the other day, and i want one, gonna get one oh and I so love my scor-pal it is a#1 crafting tool, papercrafters should not be without this, ok so I don't have a card tonight, but I do have one made its dark here and by the time i got things done today the light went out, so I will post when the sun is right tomorrow. Well I'll stop here, until later my stampin friends, thanks for stopping by..

Monday, January 26, 2009

Well, guess what?? I GOT ME A SCORPAL! OH YEAH!!!!!! I got me a scorpal,Igot me a scorpal yes it arrived just a little bit a go, and I also got me a scormat!!!! Oh me is it christmas or what again? Oh I got to get to work on something, a box, uh a card oh what first?? Hey Angel Scorpal, you are the very BEST, really, you are. God Bless you, honey you made my year. I feel as though someone gave me a billion dollars. Thank you thank you thank you..

Well todays card is something I probably spent way to much time on, but I hope you like it..I just love the happy paper by colorbox, and thats just how I feel HAPPY, this one is for you my scorpal angel, again thank you..

Todays card is layered, layered,layered pretty simple though,I added some ribbon and the image is stampendous, it actually has three vases of flowers but I only needed this one, stamped in pastel inks by martha stewart, I also added an eyelet to the main image with some ribbon and a charm(heart). Like I said its simple, but happy and I really like the layout..God Bless folks Im off to play with me new scorpal....

Sunday, January 25, 2009

love u dearly

Im truley not certain what I think about this card, all I can think about is getting my scorpal..Gosh, I wish it would come on, impatient,yes, and excited..I have looked all around and have lots of plans for when I get the scorpal. Anyway I was messing with this card and the colors and the card just didn't turn out as I had planned. The flowers on the card are from Hampton Art, and I used baby oil to watercolor them and then I added some crystal glitter to add some bling to them. The cutout flower is just from pattern paper from colorbox and layerd and sponged also has alittle bling of glitter and a pink brad for the center, the sentiment is Anna Griffin and it is punched out with word window punch and also layered and poppedup on dimensions. I used my martha stewart border punch and layered it with bright white added some silver cording and tied a pink ribbon to try and tie the colors together. I hope you like it, as i will be working on another card today, and hopefully my mojo will kick in. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and as always, God Bless..

Saturday, January 24, 2009 another candy store is open Jan. 25th, sorry no card today but as I await the arrival of my scorpal, I have lots of plans boxes, purses, oh I just can't wait, but jusst maybe I can have something for ya this evening. I truley want to get my blog setup better and I will definitely be entering me some challenges. Thanks for stopping by. God Bless
oh yeah, heres more candy up for grabs, God Bless you all,, gosh I hope I win..

blog candy

yes sirry, theres a candy give away, so go have ya a look..God Bless

Thursday, January 22, 2009 yep, theres candy, this candy is up for grabs until January 31- go have you a look, leave a comment and pass on the word..Oh and yes I am still in heaven, oh I hope all goes well with me scorpal, I just can't get over having a scorpal angel, wow, I haven't ever had this happen to me..Seems during all my trials and tribulations of my life, outside of my inner family, I saw as time went by kindness faded in society, people quit trusting, men quit holding the door for the lady,can't leave you windows open, most have bars on them,don't know your neighbors or care to, good grief what happen to the world?? I loved when you knew your neighbors, and you could trust and you could leave your windows and your doors unlocked, oh me how did I get into this conversation, I think the the shock of someone who doesn't know me gave me hope, maybe our future has hope, you touched me and opened a place in my heart that I missed very much, thank you for your kindness. Go show some love offer to open that door and open your window and breathe..On another note, my daughter is home from school this week, if you didn't know my daughter 10 was born with spina bifida, she uses a power chair at all times, well, her chair ramp that carries her power chair caught fire totally destroyed, not did the basement flood-no insurance,wheelchair ramp burn up-no money, man these things are expensive $1,599+tax, and thats suppose to be a bargain,hum-, Hannah has 4 other siblings, and my husband is our only breadwinner, having a child with disabilities(and abilities) , can really reach outside the wallet, so what Im gettin at is Say a Little Prayer for us,Im certain things will work out..Thank you fellow stampin friends for visiting my blog,show you some pics later..God Bless

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I got an ANGEL

HEY YA'LL!!!! I'm still feeling a little faint! Please if it all starts sounding a little crazy, well, today, when I got home ,went to of course , start looking at all the beautiful blogs, as well looking at my own just waiting for that next follower, isn't that a joy as well, it gives me a feeling of obligation, gives meaning in a sense for all the homemade love that I put into my cards, their not perfect and I am eager to learn, but it gives me the mojo I need sometimes. ANYWAY, enough of rambling I told ya, it could get a little crazy sounding, I HAVE A SCORPAL ANGEL!!!!!! Oh yeah, today I was told I'm gettin a SCORPAL, people I feel like the luckiest person ever, no kidding..oh my I just can't wait to get that baby! I promise I will be good to it, oh yeah I got me some plans...Ok Im gonna stop here, I told yall first,thats right see , I thought of you guys 1st..I got to go tell the family.. WOOHOO!!!Thats Right Im Gettin A Scorpal!!!!God Bless you all
Thank You my scorpal angel,if you don't already know, Im tellin you, You made me a very happy lady!!!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

I hope that I have offered you inspiration and that you enjoy your visit at my blog, I try to keep it updated, I still have not stepped out of the box completely, but hope ,as I slowly get me much needed supplies to work with as they are not cheap, cuttlebug, inks, hopefully copics, and a much wanted scorpal, wes got to have the stuff, right? Right! oh well, hugs and well wishes

Well i have a few cards, and I hope I can figure this new laptop out, oh yeah, my hubby got me a new laptop!!! He is just the BEST, need to hear that a little louder, THE VERY BEST!!!!!!! hehe Its still not a cuttlebug or a big shot or a scorpal, but I will take it, so it may take me a little while to figure this baby out, so forgive me for any booboos, ok so the next few cards that you see or all a set for my sweet cousin Jenefer (Boca Raton) she so loves and appreciates the homemade with love stuff, these are for her b'day, she is a massagest is that a word, with good clientele and the word is most of her customers share b'days in Febuary, I still like the box for them which I will start working on tonight. Most of my paper is colorbox, and best occassions, stamps i used inkadinkado,anna griffin,art impressions. I used stazon, colorbox,martha stewart inks,as well as my markers and glitter pens, punch was martha stewart and stampin up. Hope I didn't leave anything out..God Bless

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Well let me began by saying, I ain't bein lazy, got some house chores to catch up, but I can assure you, i am crafting, right now Im working on a set of cards for my so precious cousin who a couple of weeks ago came to visit from Boca Raton with her 2 children, it was such a nice visit. Her(Jenefer) is like spring, fresh, fun, colorful all the sunshiny things a person can be (one of these days Im gonna be like that -I am fun not always sunshiny but I try) oh well, her b'day is in febuary and she celebrates all month long and she so appreciates homemade with love, so Ill have something is a couple of days if not sooner..God Bless to all

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Just messing around this morning as this is what I came up with, the sentiment is Stamp Happens, i stamped in red colorbox and I colored the flowers and vine withpuffy markers and marvy and a little martha stewart, it was kept pretty simple so that the focus would be on the verse itself, the cross is just a stencil I cut to add a little texture up the cs, some ribbon from walmart, the ds paper is some from a while back, I am so trying to get rid of some of my old paper so I gots me an excuse to get me some new goodies to play with..i hope you like the card, and may your life be blessed..

Monday, January 12, 2009

Lots of brown, thats natural to me, I really layered this, the colors, brown, peachyorange,natural. The sentiment is from Walmart brand as far as I know clear stamps, the mushroom is a cute sponge stamp that I stole from my daughters stamps couldn't resist I just lovey it added a little bling to it and some glitter pen a little ribbon frayed, I used martha stewart punch added some more bling to the main card base sponged alot, added the butterflys going up the border from art impressions I just love this little butterfly plain or dressed up. I truley hope you like my layout..

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Oh yeah, my nose does feel as though it is as big as my face and I do feel like a mess. Seems as if Im always the one catching the crude in our house. But I guess thats what I get for trying to do a mans job(my hunny was at the hunting club), and it was a loosing battle anyways..Oh well no card today, but Im working on one,my eyes are all messed up to from all the congestion I have, I can't get me thinker going, I needs a good dose of energy..I also want to thank you for stopping by and visiting my blog, I look forward to blogging and looking, all the gorgeous blogs, yummy, yummy, your comments are precious and the stamping love is felt with each and every blog, you know, we put are heart into our work, its special and old fashioned, and those who do receive a homemade gift/card, well it makes me feel so good, sometimes they cry and sometimes they laugh and sometimes they just seem to be amazed and I get the response, "you made this?"OK, Ill stop.. Be back later folks this sick troll needs some bedrest, thanks again especially to those who follow my blog..God Bless All

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Blog candy Oh yeah you talk about some good candy go have a look, its awesome. God Bless

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The birthday card I made for my daughter who is 10 today, So Happy Birthday my angel I love you so much and Im very proud of you, you are such an achiever and sassy(hehe). I hope you got everything you wanted and some, I think shes got more money than her mom, (hey I want a scorpal) ha. The card which has no stamping is k and company rubons and stickers the paper is Best occassions the ribbon I picked up at walmart, I just really liked how it turned out. Now the thankyou card is paper left over from xmas, how nice that valentines comes after xmas, so you can get rid of some of that paper, now I used a stencil that I have had forever for the thank you layer andcut it out paper is martha stewart, and the stamp thank you and the butterfly is from art impressions I used my glitter pen to highlight the butterfly. I hope you like these, I feel pleased with the cards, although the pics are not so good, I just couldn't get it right. Well and as for the flood in our basement, we don't have flood insurance, but we do know that the drain which is supposed to keep that from happening was clogged so just maybe they will, you know it just makes you wonder what in the crap you pay all that money for and then they tell you this.. Work work work..

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

So So sorry I haven't got a card posted yesterday we had extremely bad rain nearly three days of it, but yesterday it was so bad that our basement is 31/2 inches under water, no I am not exaggerating, so much of our stuff is just ruined, but hey maybe now I can get my hubby to clean up the basement huh/. Hope to have a card or two or three who knows. During all the chaos Ive also gotten a bad head cold to. Of all the luck.. Oh well have a wonderful evening and spread some love.. God Bless

Monday, January 5, 2009

Sorry I didn't have a card today, one of the kids took the batteries out of my camera and all the other batteries they could fine, santa was short on batteries this christmas. Anyways I got a cute little card I am puttin together I got to go to walmart as well Im in need of some goodies to put my project together. It just seems that I am out of everything. Ill be back in action by tomorrow evening I hope..On another note I hope that you have all have had a wonderful and fulfilled holiday with family and friends, pets and I hope the New Year brings with it good health and happiness God Bless my stamping friends and God Bless all those who are fighting for our freedom

Friday, January 2, 2009


Go show someone how good it feels to bee-loved!!!!I used my ms border punch and I used my large scallop and my stampin up scallop and put the bee on dimensions and added some rhinestones around him they just seemed fitting and I just love my ribbon I got a while back from wally world(walmart) the points kinda like a stinger I added brads which I colored with a permanent marker so they would be black I really think I like this card its bright and very cheerful/.

Such a cutey pie is this bee from rubberstampede shined up and ready to impress a loved one I had alot of fun with the dp which Im not sure where it came from hope ya like it...God Bless