Saturday, May 30, 2009 Are these just ever the cutest stamps going around I would absolutely love to win these..

Friday, May 29, 2009

progress is getting made

Well, I have got to play in my craft room but I'm so stuck on getting some new dsp and other goodies that I can't get my mind into create mode..Just got to have some new stuff to play with, and my hubby says, well you still got stuff in there you haven't even opened yet, and I say, but I will, right now I just got to have this though, hehe, i win, of course so soon as I can I'm off to the craft store,yippee..Anyhows I have been playin, but I don't have the get up and go to go into detail on these pics now, but I have used my cricuit, scs resources, and other ideas from blog hoppin and these are quite the combo so here they are, I've also added a few of my veggies that are in my garden... God bless you all and Bless Our Troops

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Happy 45th Birthday to me

Oh my this will be short and sweet..Its my 45th birthday, I'm not to certain whether I think thats a good thing yet or oh well never mind I couldn't change anything about it, but I do want to thank my Good Lord for gettin me here..I probably should be thinkin about some blog candy, maybe I'll start gettin something in the works here...We will see about that,seein hows I need to get some new dsp and stamps to play with, I'll be takin this into serious consideration over the next few days...update and card very soon, in the mean time god Bless to all my followers or just an occassional passerby..

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

"On Gallery Today"

Heres the most beautiful card that I personally have ever seen: Lorelies Creations--If you have been reading my post you know the story on this card, I have had it for a little while now, but have been in the hospital recovering from surgery, and since being home am now just able to feel like posting or being out of bed for that matter, but I have been very excited about getting to show it.. So here it is, ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL, so pick yourself back up out of the floor and have another look..Thank you Lorelie and God Bless you..

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Home Sweet Home

I'm home, oh dear Jesus, thank you for seeing me through. Now to get on my feet, my Mom and my dear Dad, as well as my family, need me, mainly my Mom..It won't be long and i'll be up and at'em,not one to stay down long, of course except this past sickness, but Doc says, I'm good to go so we shall see.Hopefully good as new. I see wonderful and sad times ahead, if you haven't read my blog,my Father is very sick, he has lung cancer, I hope that I will be able to give a 100% of myself to see him through and to be strong for my mom, I love you Daddy and Mom so very much, and thank you for all you've done in my life and for so many others, I have seen my mom stretch where most break, such a strong women she is, I hope I am all she is, and I hope she remains strong through this with my Dad, I wish that one day her life would stop being so traumatic and demanding. This will not be the first family member that cancer has taken from us, in 1979, I loss a brother then 17 sick for 9 years to a brain tumor so yes my mother has been stretched, what a nightmare to even think of loosing one of my children, my mother never left my brothers side, but yet he was always there for us to, she was like superwoman to me now that I think back..So sorry to go over memories especially sad ones, but hey its my blog,(right) and I an't got no card, but I do have a surprise card that a very sweet stamping sister sent to me for my Dad and as soon as I can it will show its AWE soon, it should have a gallery of its on, I just find myself staring at it, stunning I think, just wait and see, well if you have read to this point, thank you for letting me share and God Bless to all..very very soon, back to the craft room my little piece of heaven on earth..

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

reschedule on the surgery

Hello my friends, oh how I wish I was @ home in my craft room playing with my pretties. On a second note I have been sick so long that it has really slowed me down when it comes to being creative, its just really hard to keep a clear and focused mind when your in lots of pain, seems to confuse the mojo if you know what I mean....So on to the subject, they resheduled my surgery which will be today @ lunch time, and yes I am a little nervous, but so ready @ the same time. The biggy for today and I do have a card made but didn't take pics because I had to hide it from my hubby, today is our Anniversary(did I spell that right???), what a way to celebrate,huh..Soon honey,soon..I am married to such a wonderful man, and I know everyone thinks that about their hubbies are @ least most do. My husband takes such good care of me and our children, I don't know what I would do without him or what I did before him, he is amazing,I adore you honey and Happy Anniversary, always supporting me,reassuring me, comforting, oh I could go on and on and on and on..I'll post later and let you all know how my surgery went today, again say a LITTLE PRAYER for me..God Bless

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Having surgery today

Well my friends they have decided its time for me to say goodbye to my gallbladder, I am waiting a I type for them to come and take me to surgery, so say a little prayer for me, I so appreciate it. Hope to be home soon having fun in my craft room, I am hoping that this will fix me up and I will be back at full speed which I haven't been for a very long time, seems it has taken foreva to figure out what has been wrong with me.God Bless you all and thanks for stopping by...P.S Did I tell you to say a LITTLE PRAYER for me..

Sunday, May 17, 2009

to know me is to love me

Well I got a cute one today, I'm still learning when it comes to coloring. I used my stampin up markers for this one white gel pen to highlight my little turtle friends cheek. I just love the look on the zebras face, kind of the way I been feelin since these gallbladder attacks, be glad when its all fixed up..My little zebra is from penny black the sentiment is from stampabilities. My cs and dsp is paperstudio.I used my martha stewart border punch(love it) and my cricuit for the scallop layer,hope ya like it..God Bless

Friday, May 15, 2009

Go have a look at some eye candy wow would I ever love to win these new shimmerz, i haven't gotten to use this, what a perfect time, just maybe I'll be posting the near future card with some spray shimmerz..(crossing my fingers)..

Thursday, May 14, 2009

tri-shuttle card and simplify

Well I did a little or should I say a big project card for me, I did one of those tri shuttle cards I found here,not quite as beautiful as the one I copied but hey I did it and also messin around and made another. On the tri shuttle card there was alot of stamping flourishes, word sentiments,sponging oh my gosh I probably won't make another for a while although I absolutely love the look of it, you could tell a story on this card if you wanted to anywho,Im havin tons of things done for my health which has not been on top for a while now I have to see a surgeon, for my gallbladder, its gone bad, whats with it and age the body just goes to crap that sucks..I just don't have the time to go over all the deets to my cards but I want to post and hope they spread a little inspiration.God Bless you all
Wow would I ever love to win this my Dad is dying with lung cancer.I would so love to make him a fathers day card with the eagle and the sayings oh my how I love them, congrats and I wish you the very best.I truley hope that my Dad makes it until Fathers Day..God Bless and Happy Stamping may you have a blessed journey in your awesome craftiness

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day my friends, I hope you all have exactly what you want your Mothers Day to be. I got me a pixie sewing machine, hope its as easy to use as it looks, anyway just wanted to send you all a Blessed Mothers Day wish.. I do have cards made but unable to post them until later so that my MIL and my mom will see theirs before anyone else. God Bless you all..

Friday, May 8, 2009

lavendar and lace

Well Im finally back and able to blog a little today, feelin somewhat better man have I eva beeen havin the test, is this what gettin old is all about,hope not, I got faith its got to be better. Oh well, I made 2 cards this time actually 3, but I kept waiting around for my internet service to get their problems fixed, and with running all over Birmingham, I didn't take a pic of the other card,shame on me, it was a gorgeous one, but my hunny needed it, so i let it go,I have had lots of those cards to get away without gettin a pic, and I also working on other things like the little box, I got me one of those deep cut blades for my cricut and it works, it started cutting,hate to say this, but I was about to get very frustrated with my cricut, the regular blades just don't cut mustard, maybe it was just mine who knows, but I like the deep cut blade it cuts almost to good at times but Im practicing so I can get all adjustments right for different papers, so Im gettin to where i want to incorporate it into my crafts now I need me a sewing machine, maybe my hubby will get me one, Ill have to hint around maybe a pixie saw it at walmart, and on a few peoples blog, like what I see, so we'll see, huh...Oh well heres the cards and I do hope you like them and you all have a blessed day, and all MOTHERS Happy Mothers Day

Saturday, May 2, 2009

clean and simple

Well I finally got ya a card its cas the best kind..Although it looks all to simple trust me as much time was put into this card as I put into all my cards..I hate trying to get perfection. I have always had a tendency to complicate even the most simple things sometimes. I so love making cards, and its all worth the time, don't know what I would do if I didn't have me cards to play with. Well heres my little pretty. The main image is from flourishes and is stamped with stazon ink and then highlighted with memento inks, I used glossy accents on the wings with a touch of glitter the sentiment is from stampabilities and also is stamped with stazon ink, I added to yellow brads for the extra touch of color for the bee highlights, used my martha stewart lace punch a couple of times the inside also has a stamped flower from paperstudio, most of the time I do like to leave the inside of my cards blank so that I can write what I want to which ususually requires alot of room..Have a wonderful weekend and blessed wishes to all

Friday, May 1, 2009

My fabulous and colorful flowergarden

come together, have a couple that are possibilities I just ain't made up my mind yet, does that happen to anyone else, well anyway I was looking out the window in my craftroom and like everyday my eyes are drawn to the beauty inside of my flowergarden, wow, is what I think, thank you Lord, you are amazing, every bird chirping singing joyfully, the flowers, our lives, you are amazing My Lord, thank you. Here is a little love from my garden to you