Wednesday, April 28, 2010

More goodies

So now I see why its exciting to see the ups man. Got some more goodies,oh my, I haven't made good with all my other new stamps. Whats wrong with me?? I got all the goods and no mojo, well not like I need it..Oh well, for now what I do got will have to do, today I got some new nesties and stamps, whiff of joy,anya and a few others oh and lots of punches, and wow I can see why they are called a punch, they take quite a punch out of the ole wallet, they are so expensive, seems all papercrafting items can be quite expensive. So you see I find myself frustrated, with all these expensive crafty tools and here I am, letting them sit untouched are just slightly used..HELP!!! I need you mojo, please come back to me..God Bless you all

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Lilli of cutiethe Valley

Welp, folks got one little cutie down. Man I just hate that it takes me foreva to make a card, whats wrong with me? I adore my crafty hobby and the joy of giving them is amazing, but for some reason with all the resources out there, I'm still slow as ever. But yea for me I have one today and another but its just needin a little touch of somethin but anyways its not finished I colored this using my copics and white gel pen made some flowers added ribbon button and did some ruffing up on the edges and shes done its a happy birthday card, love it.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

the beginning of my flowers

Well I do have some pics of the beginnings of my flowergarden and these are a couple of weeks late, so sorry. I do have some cards made, but there is still alot going on here and I have got to get my craft room straightened out its just somehow got very ungorganized and a mess. Somewhere in there I have also lost my inspiration and can't seem to find it, HELP!!!! How do I get it back, I have all the goodies a card maker could want and no mojo. I keep trying everyday to get it back, any suggestions? God Bless

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Out of town

Sorry thiings are not like they should be, I am not in my hometown at this time, if you have followed my blog you may have remembered I lost my Dad to CA in June 2009. Over the weekend we had to drive to Atlanta asap, my Dads baby brother whom I'm also very close to is in Cardiac ICU, on lifesupport, and there isn't any light at the end of the tunnel, well, here on earth for him theres no light, but the Good Lord is all lit up for him. Prayers are needed..God Bless to all. I just don't like getting older, I have lost so many family members its just so depressing, I guess I'm being selfish, but I want all my family with me, I love them so much..I will update again after I return home..