Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Not lost

No I haven't got lost, but I have been super busy. Its time to get things together for those hard earned incometax, even though I am a stay at home mom I feel as I to have earned every dollar, you know they stay its a known fact that if sahm's were payed, it would be well into the 6 digits/year , what do you think sahm's? Oh yes I have already got plans for some of my hard earned part, more stamps, lots more stamps, some inks, markers, oh and the Cricut Expressions have you guys seen this yet, just briefly got to look while I was at walmart the other day, and i want one, gonna get one oh and I so love my scor-pal it is a#1 crafting tool, papercrafters should not be without this, ok so I don't have a card tonight, but I do have one made its dark here and by the time i got things done today the light went out, so I will post when the sun is right tomorrow. Well I'll stop here, until later my stampin friends, thanks for stopping by..

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