Thursday, October 30, 2008

Iam just so DYSFunTIonAl today I just didn't want to wake up this morning here in Alabama it got chilly last night, I just love getting in a big oh comforter that smells like good ole downy and snuggle with my honeybunch. Although he was at work last night boohoo. Hope I can get a post on later tonight I also got to school projects to work on seems like Im always doing the most of it and they get all the rewards thats so satisfying to me, I love my younguns, well got to go for now hope to post later..Thanks for stopping by if you came down my old dirt road today. OH BIGGY!! Report Those Slimy Monsters who prey on the Children in our world if you suspect you know one or talk to someone please, you will change a childs life forever, theres all types of abuse,our, yours,everyones children are precious, God Bless You All

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Got to post a fast one this morning sorry had to go by the school our 13 year old just really hates doing school work, we are really having to stay behind him. Just a short note Brent our 13 year old just does not like to do school work which most don't , but it is extreme with him, and hes not doing to hot on the grades, we have done everything and he still continues to do badly, lots of storytelling and gooding off,whats wrong he is so smart and is capable of so much more anyone up for suggestions, I have 2 9 year olds who require alot of help as they are young and willing to learn, and they have gotten neglected in all the chaoes of the one who doesn't want to learn..HELP..Brent is an awesome young man with the biggest heart but his goals welllllll, i just don't know..anywho heres a little quick somethin somethin, thanks for stopping by i will try to post later this evening with the other to this..

Monday, October 27, 2008

laptop duhs

Good day to everyone if you happen to run across my blog as I said please be patient still having the blog duhs, for someone whos on the laptop as much as me you'd think I would have some smarts to it but i dun't', sorry but i promise I'm working on it.. Well today I got some cuteys, I will try my very bestest to have something at least every other day as I do have 3 children in school and the homework is tremendous as is the house work, sometimes I have all 4 starting at age 4 Destiny, whom is the most precious and beautiful little angel she has her moments just like all 4 yr olds, then theirs Hannah (mine) 9, Cory 9, and Brent 13, I also have a nearly 21 year old, we are a blended family, a very happy blended family. We have our bumps and bruises, but doesn't everyone. Any way oh and did I tell you I have the most wonderful and I do mean WONDERFUL husband in the world Darrell being my knights name.. AND a biggy always be aware of predators you might be surprised so many times its hard to believe that someone you love and someone you trust as a family member just might be one of those slimey sexual predators as they do come in all forms,and don't make the victim feel like the villian people even family as a tendency to get quite defensive when they are in denial.. God Bless you all and thanks for stopping by today..Got a cutey coming later she is so ugly she is cute and just for suspense I will call her Miss Tingle Jingle..hehehehe

Sunday, October 26, 2008

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Just a couple of creations from housemouse did I spell that right its 4am here in Alabama can you believe I just now figured out how to upload my cards gosh I am such a nerd,promise I will get better...please come back later for more, thans again for stopping by...
Ok so heres just another picture of Blue Christmas..I will start keeping up with exact details as I start posting later as I said I am a baby at this, I made these cards as a first practice run on mass producing and they are also part of a gift that I made my DSIL for her b'day..Oh my gosh it takes me so long to make cards, I'm sure it will get easier as time goes by. My biggest problem is constantly looking at everyone elses blogs, all those beautiful masterpieces, and all the inspiration I just can't help myself.. Thanks for stopping by, and God Bless. Another goal for me Stop Sexual Predators Who Prey on Children, I hope to reachout and maybe help one child..Alot of times predators are in our own familys( as in my case ) it started as a small child (my step grandfather) a sicko they come in all forms..Tell SOMEONE...Thanks for stopping by..
Well just maybe I have figured this blogging out I hope. Im not the best photo taker so please bear with me, I promise to get better. This is just one of the few christmas cards I started. I will post more later.. I hope to catch up with you all and get to play some challenges later. Thanks for stopping by.