Thursday, January 22, 2009 yep, theres candy, this candy is up for grabs until January 31- go have you a look, leave a comment and pass on the word..Oh and yes I am still in heaven, oh I hope all goes well with me scorpal, I just can't get over having a scorpal angel, wow, I haven't ever had this happen to me..Seems during all my trials and tribulations of my life, outside of my inner family, I saw as time went by kindness faded in society, people quit trusting, men quit holding the door for the lady,can't leave you windows open, most have bars on them,don't know your neighbors or care to, good grief what happen to the world?? I loved when you knew your neighbors, and you could trust and you could leave your windows and your doors unlocked, oh me how did I get into this conversation, I think the the shock of someone who doesn't know me gave me hope, maybe our future has hope, you touched me and opened a place in my heart that I missed very much, thank you for your kindness. Go show some love offer to open that door and open your window and breathe..On another note, my daughter is home from school this week, if you didn't know my daughter 10 was born with spina bifida, she uses a power chair at all times, well, her chair ramp that carries her power chair caught fire totally destroyed, not did the basement flood-no insurance,wheelchair ramp burn up-no money, man these things are expensive $1,599+tax, and thats suppose to be a bargain,hum-, Hannah has 4 other siblings, and my husband is our only breadwinner, having a child with disabilities(and abilities) , can really reach outside the wallet, so what Im gettin at is Say a Little Prayer for us,Im certain things will work out..Thank you fellow stampin friends for visiting my blog,show you some pics later..God Bless

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