Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I got an ANGEL

HEY YA'LL!!!! I'm still feeling a little faint! Please if it all starts sounding a little crazy, well, today, when I got home ,went to of course , start looking at all the beautiful blogs, as well looking at my own just waiting for that next follower, isn't that a joy as well, it gives me a feeling of obligation, gives meaning in a sense for all the homemade love that I put into my cards, their not perfect and I am eager to learn, but it gives me the mojo I need sometimes. ANYWAY, enough of rambling I told ya, it could get a little crazy sounding, I HAVE A SCORPAL ANGEL!!!!!! Oh yeah, today I was told I'm gettin a SCORPAL, people I feel like the luckiest person ever, no kidding..oh my I just can't wait to get that baby! I promise I will be good to it, oh yeah I got me some plans...Ok Im gonna stop here, I told yall first,thats right see , I thought of you guys 1st..I got to go tell the family.. WOOHOO!!!Thats Right Im Gettin A Scorpal!!!!God Bless you all
Thank You my scorpal angel,if you don't already know, Im tellin you, You made me a very happy lady!!!!

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