Friday, May 8, 2009

lavendar and lace

Well Im finally back and able to blog a little today, feelin somewhat better man have I eva beeen havin the test, is this what gettin old is all about,hope not, I got faith its got to be better. Oh well, I made 2 cards this time actually 3, but I kept waiting around for my internet service to get their problems fixed, and with running all over Birmingham, I didn't take a pic of the other card,shame on me, it was a gorgeous one, but my hunny needed it, so i let it go,I have had lots of those cards to get away without gettin a pic, and I also working on other things like the little box, I got me one of those deep cut blades for my cricut and it works, it started cutting,hate to say this, but I was about to get very frustrated with my cricut, the regular blades just don't cut mustard, maybe it was just mine who knows, but I like the deep cut blade it cuts almost to good at times but Im practicing so I can get all adjustments right for different papers, so Im gettin to where i want to incorporate it into my crafts now I need me a sewing machine, maybe my hubby will get me one, Ill have to hint around maybe a pixie saw it at walmart, and on a few peoples blog, like what I see, so we'll see, huh...Oh well heres the cards and I do hope you like them and you all have a blessed day, and all MOTHERS Happy Mothers Day

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