Saturday, May 23, 2009

Home Sweet Home

I'm home, oh dear Jesus, thank you for seeing me through. Now to get on my feet, my Mom and my dear Dad, as well as my family, need me, mainly my Mom..It won't be long and i'll be up and at'em,not one to stay down long, of course except this past sickness, but Doc says, I'm good to go so we shall see.Hopefully good as new. I see wonderful and sad times ahead, if you haven't read my blog,my Father is very sick, he has lung cancer, I hope that I will be able to give a 100% of myself to see him through and to be strong for my mom, I love you Daddy and Mom so very much, and thank you for all you've done in my life and for so many others, I have seen my mom stretch where most break, such a strong women she is, I hope I am all she is, and I hope she remains strong through this with my Dad, I wish that one day her life would stop being so traumatic and demanding. This will not be the first family member that cancer has taken from us, in 1979, I loss a brother then 17 sick for 9 years to a brain tumor so yes my mother has been stretched, what a nightmare to even think of loosing one of my children, my mother never left my brothers side, but yet he was always there for us to, she was like superwoman to me now that I think back..So sorry to go over memories especially sad ones, but hey its my blog,(right) and I an't got no card, but I do have a surprise card that a very sweet stamping sister sent to me for my Dad and as soon as I can it will show its AWE soon, it should have a gallery of its on, I just find myself staring at it, stunning I think, just wait and see, well if you have read to this point, thank you for letting me share and God Bless to all..very very soon, back to the craft room my little piece of heaven on earth..

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