Monday, October 27, 2008

laptop duhs

Good day to everyone if you happen to run across my blog as I said please be patient still having the blog duhs, for someone whos on the laptop as much as me you'd think I would have some smarts to it but i dun't', sorry but i promise I'm working on it.. Well today I got some cuteys, I will try my very bestest to have something at least every other day as I do have 3 children in school and the homework is tremendous as is the house work, sometimes I have all 4 starting at age 4 Destiny, whom is the most precious and beautiful little angel she has her moments just like all 4 yr olds, then theirs Hannah (mine) 9, Cory 9, and Brent 13, I also have a nearly 21 year old, we are a blended family, a very happy blended family. We have our bumps and bruises, but doesn't everyone. Any way oh and did I tell you I have the most wonderful and I do mean WONDERFUL husband in the world Darrell being my knights name.. AND a biggy always be aware of predators you might be surprised so many times its hard to believe that someone you love and someone you trust as a family member just might be one of those slimey sexual predators as they do come in all forms,and don't make the victim feel like the villian people even family as a tendency to get quite defensive when they are in denial.. God Bless you all and thanks for stopping by today..Got a cutey coming later she is so ugly she is cute and just for suspense I will call her Miss Tingle Jingle..hehehehe

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