Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Got to post a fast one this morning sorry had to go by the school our 13 year old just really hates doing school work, we are really having to stay behind him. Just a short note Brent our 13 year old just does not like to do school work which most don't , but it is extreme with him, and hes not doing to hot on the grades, we have done everything and he still continues to do badly, lots of storytelling and gooding off,whats wrong he is so smart and is capable of so much more anyone up for suggestions, I have 2 9 year olds who require alot of help as they are young and willing to learn, and they have gotten neglected in all the chaoes of the one who doesn't want to learn..HELP..Brent is an awesome young man with the biggest heart but his goals welllllll, i just don't know..anywho heres a little quick somethin somethin, thanks for stopping by i will try to post later this evening with the other to this..

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