Wednesday, February 4, 2009

short note"not"

Just wanted to throw in a short note just so ya know Im working with my cricut expressions still, and yeah I have been able to figure some things out or so I think I have. I know now that I also need me a cuttlebug for embossing so that will be my next investment along with some new markers paper stamps and etc., want some of those twinkling H2O's, you know stampers the good stuff, I know I want be able to get it all, but I'll have a good start. my hubby and I have decided to turn a bedroom less used into me a craft room, Im excited because right now I work inour bedroom, on the bed, the dresser, no wonder I can't find any mojo, I need my own crafting space and Im sure my hubby wants his side of the bed back, so we all know he will be on that craft room pretty quick. Yep, Im ready to move forward and make my own little office so that I can dedicate my extra time into a full blown job, join challenges and try to get on me a designer team all the good stuff, i have surfed blogs and like the idea of craft shows and new friendships..Ok, the whole point in what should have been a short note, I don't have a card, but will have a couple tomorrow. God Bless

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