Friday, March 13, 2009

Lost my mojo

I have tried all week to make a card, and for some reason I just haven't been able to pull it off..Its definitely not from lack of trying, Ive cut, embossed, stamped, you name it, I have done it. I think I need a vacation, and with that said, I'll be going to Boca Raton for a visit with my sweet cousin, on Tuesday mornin very early its about a 12 hour ride from my home to hers,just me and my hubby, can't wait. But I do hope to have a card made before I leave,how did this happen, with all the stuff I need right at hand and I can't seem to think creatively. Im beginnin to think the ole brain is fried..Anyway my friends, just got a mental block I'll be back at it soon and I so hope that my creative brain will reach outside the box, speaking of which I really want to make something using a box and cards, who knows we will see..God Bless you all and come back to visit and leave some love

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