Tuesday, December 23, 2008

snow scene

Ok I had to cheat which I did have to make my wonderful and so precious in laws whom we will be having over christmas day for brunch and an evening with the children and we all get to enjoy good company, I love them dearly, my sisterinlaw will be here as well (my husbands sister) who can COOK and I do mean COOK, shes precious. Christmas eve will be with my parents and family and yes my family is precious as well, we all are very strongly committed to our families, and that is the way it should be, Well heres my pics. I hope ya like them. Have a wonderful and blessed christmas. My card this is a first that I would have to say that I would actually even want to take a pic of, I thought I did ok I sponged around a sticky note torn just move it around to make the snow look layered glittered this card will go to my parentinlaws, and the santa card will be for my sister in law, it will also be a thankyou for all she does to help with my DHs parents.

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