Monday, December 22, 2008

OH MY HEAVENS!!!! I believe Im gonna go nuts, I am now in papercraft withdrawals. Im just not so certain I can keep my word when it comes to taking a break for the holidays, even with all the rush and everyone home,oh yes I do have kids 3 at home and sometimes 4, it is just insane that making cards actually has side effects(hehehaha) no thats not a joke. I can't sleep thinking about what I could be doing , I did cheat, early this morning I actually fumbled through some cs, had to fix the craving. Ok so I haven't made a card so what, right? No way I can't wait to get busy again. I am really enjoying the holidays with family, doesn't everyone. I so love the xmas shows and try to watch as many as I can..Well this feels so incomplete without a card to post, what kind of disorder would it be cardaholic,cardophrenic?? God Bless to all and may your holidays be filled with love of family and friends..The Roberson family

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