Friday, February 12, 2010

Tell your extradinary spouse how much u love them

Here it is already Valentine's, oh my gosh, I feel like I just took the Christmas tree downn..I have been working in my craftroom for three or four days now, I got a couple of projects going almost through, been making my hunnys valentine card as well, and I love it so far, I saw the envelope card for my hunny, I saw on another blog but its all different and plus I put this one together. But anyway, i have been working hard so I'll have some pics to post hopefully by Saturday. Come back and see maybe you'll be inspired in some way and get your on stamping addiction.For my Valentines Day my husband gave me earrings and they are beautiful diamonds(solitare ath that), we started dating right before valentines day, so its special to us, I also got flowers and such a cute little bear, and on another note, I guess this would be both our valentines, we have a presidential suite with jacuzz, so wouldn't ya think that would be a 2 for 1....Can't wait I love my husband so much!!!God Bless folks oh yeah Alabama got lots of snow todayat least 4" or more

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