Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Im so gettin there!!!!!!!

Hello my blogging friends well as soon as the new year starts this blog is gonna be on the roll, I am now a copic (288 total count in colors),stampin up everything kinda crafter, new printer(from my loving hubby)..Oh yeah, I got the goods to play now and be the artist that I know that I can be..I'm so very proud of being able to finally have the goods. it just makes going in my craft room a have to now. But, seriously, after the 1st of the year gonna finish gettin my craftroom in order for working hard in now I got to get shelving for my goods and get some organing going on so I can see what I have to work with, so much goods..Wowzee wow wow. Its just insane to know that I finally have what I have wanted so badly, and now I can start getting those stamps that I been wanting so badly as well, and there are lots of those,whiff of joy, lots of ginak etc. etc. oh my gosh,. Thank you Lord for making this possible in my life, I had a Dream and it was fulfilled..God Bless to All and have a safe and Happy New Year. I will be blogging fullspeed after the beginning of our New Year..:)

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