Thursday, June 11, 2009

I was just blogging

Just checking in here in the blog world, stayed at my Mom and Dads last nite can't leave my mom alone with my Dad being so sick anymore, so we have decided to do it in shifts kind of, we all want to be there at all times but it just becomes alot for my mom some times. So many dear friends want to come by and help, and their support is greatly appreciated, our nites have became long and our hearts are aching, sometimes Im sure my Mom just feels like passing out, and she just keeps on going, my Mother has always been the caregiver, the backbone, the strength in our family. Even now she wants to be the one to cook, the one to jump and do for everyone, Lord, I just don't know where it comes from, but I can tell you that I Love her and admire her more than she will ever know. Please just say a little prayer for my Dad, words cannot describe the sorrow our family feels right now..God Bless

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