Monday, April 13, 2009

punched easter basket

I used my basket punch and an egg punch so that I could assemble this 3dimensional basket, its purpose is to use as a magnet for our fridge, I know easter is gone already but I know that this is not a new idea, but it is my first stamped magnet project, feeling pretty ok with it I decided to post it. No its far from perfection, it was one of those make and learn things, but I thought I would share it, hope ya think its ok there isn't any stampin involved except for around the basket, I punched the basket three times for the dimension and the magnet,punched my eggs with assorted dsp added the bling and used my scorpal for the textured effect on my basket added ribbon and there you have it a fridge magnet, I'm certain my 4 year old could make this but its always fun playing with my papercrafts and tools that I haven't used in a while oh I added a little glossy accents to some of the eggs as well...God Bless and hope you had a wonderful easter weekend

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