Friday, April 17, 2009

Im thinkin honeysuckles

Well I got me some dental work done and am somewhat out of pain, although they could not take care of the other problem tooth I swear, with all the money my mom had put in my teeth growing up that my teeth would be lookin good to this day but nope not mine, they look absolutely terrible I wants one of them pretty smiles that costs lots of money.. On that note don't you just think that its terrible that it cost so doggone much to have your teeth fixed, I mean, if your teeths bad so is your health, if your fortunate enough to have insurance and I do, makes me wonder why you pay for it because it stills costs out the butt. But you gotta do what you gotta do. No wonder you see all these people with bad teeth heck they can't afford it, and if they would quit givin state funds to illegal residents of the U.S. maybe they could afford to give insurance to the poor american people that deserve it, but, thats just my opinion on that one.. SO for my card as you can tell its not all spiffied up, its simple and just cute to me..I just ain't feelin well but I wanted to post somethin, cause I loves my craft stuff..This little stamp I picked up at a craft store by us, I want to say its a Clear Dollar Stamp but ain't to sure. I used my cuttlebug for my card base, I cut my card at 51/2x81/2 and then scored at 4.25, then I used my martha stewaet lace punch 3 times and layered them added some pearls from paperstudio some ribbon/offray, on my main image I made a corner sash out of a diecut from the cuttlebug and added pearls to that, its pretty basic today folks but I love sharing what I love to do, and the picture of my son who is 10 hes sitting on top of a dirt pile that we had delivered for our yard watching the birds eat, hes very in tune with nature and loves the flowers and the birds, I just love the way he looked and got this shot from my craft room and thought I would share it to..Thanks for stopping by,God Bless you all

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