Thursday, April 9, 2009

fininshing the house and card set

Hello my friends, well as usual, the busy everyday stuff of a sahm has totally consumed any extra energy I might have had. I finally got my carpet in and I so love it, super nice THANKS MOM!!! Now my DH is finishing the bathroom tiles lovem, THANKS BABY for all you have done it looks gorgeous, oh me the busy life, such a job remodeling.. Oh well its all worth it. In between all this I have finished my 10 year old sons teachers baby thank you set, now I gots to make something to put them in to complete the set, so Ill be blog hoppin so that I can get some ideas, I'll hope to have this done by in the morning to give to her, so should have some pics at least by tomorrow evening..God Bless and Well Wishes to all..

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