Wednesday, December 10, 2008

another cutie

So, I gotta another christmas card, I can't help it I just love putting them together and putting someone special address on it, I just know they will love it, as much as I did putting it together, christmas such a wonderful time of the year, I only have very very good memories of all my childhood xmas mornings, I smile now as I think back, my mom and dad made it all so wonderful, I hope you all have wonderful memories like me to hold on to, and I hope we all make our childrens memories as special as ours. sniff sniff sorry can't help it Im such a softie.. Well these are some more of the 2.97 stamps I told you about wow! yes I totally love them. I did some paper tearing today an eyeley and sponging glitter and I colored Oh Come All Ye Faithful!!! Glory To God! God Bless you all

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