Saturday, November 22, 2008

As I said I have a card, my pictures just did not do well today, I am not satisfied, but these will have to do today, so sorry. This card is really very very pretty it is very busy and its got LOTS OF GLITTER, I guess I am trying to make up for the last card with no glitter, any way, the snowman is from Darcies and the snowflakes and redbird and the sentiment are all from martha stewart, the ribbon comes from walmart my paper isfrom The Christmas Stack, from Micheals... Have a blessed one....At this time of year we are all so busy the kids are out for thanksgiving and the rush is on for xmas, pay attention to your children always know who they are with and where they are,I have recently found out that a dear very dear friend of mine just found out that her daughter had been a victim to a snake I mean a sexual predator, we are all just devastated, as you should know this is very personnal to me(as I was also a victim), so please listen be aware always, just like my friends daughter, it was someone I'm sure knowone would have suspected..

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